Torafugu-tei Hachioji


Season Menu

  • Charcoal-broiled Tora-fugu

    Charcoal-broiled Tora-fugu

    2,480yen(excluding tax)

    Charcoal fugu and vegetables are taking with special sauce is based soysauce, and charcoal fire complements the flavor of ingredients. While you can add garlic as you like then you can enjoy a different taste.

  • Bowl of rice topped with Tora-fugu

    Bowl of rice topped with Tora-fugu

    1,580yen(excluding tax)

    A limited-time menu which mixed with some ingredients such as fugu, yams, kelps, and rice. It is a new taste with a unique skiny yam.

Ala Carte Menu

  • Fresh Tora-fugu sashimi

    Fresh Tora-fugu sashimi

    1,280yen(excluding tax)

    Enjoy peculiar beauty with eyes, taste with homemade ponzu, the classic dish of Torafugu-tei. You can taste different flavor combined with the Yakumi(green onions and red chill radish). Please enjoy deep delicious spreading your mouth.

  • Fresh Tora-fugu stew(hot pot)

    Fresh Tora-fugu stew(hot pot)

    2,480yen(excluding tax)

    Add Fugu and vegetables into paper hot pot with kelp soup stock is a classic Fugu dish. Put the flesh of swimming Fugu into the boling pot for a few minutes will become very tasty.

  • Sashimi of parboiled skin

    Sashimi of parboiled skin

    980yen(excluding tax)

    Cut fugu skin into delicately and taking with ponzu. Both clichy texture and taste are wonderful, it is also a great gem for sake dish.

  • Diced Tora-fugu sashimi

    Diced Tora-fugu sashimi

    1,480yen(excluding tax)

    Special chopped thick sashimi is a different wild purity than Fresh Tora-fugu sashimi . Please enjoy a way to eat with mixing thoroughly flavor the blooming stuff well.

  • Lightly boiled Tora-fugu

    Lightly boiled Tora-fugu

    1,480yen(excluding tax)

    Butsugiri is a gem that lightly boiled fugu, you can enjoy original texture. If you eat it with Chinese cabbage and ponzu, you will wonder at the new world of Torafugu.

  • Fried skin with cayenne pepper

    Fried skin with cayenne pepper

    980yen(excluding tax)

    It is cooked crispy snaks with skin of fugu that have plenty of collagen, a gem that is characterized with a bitter chilli peppers. The unique and distinctive flavor is outstandingly compatible with beer.

  • Deep-fried Tora-fugu

    Deep-fried Tora-fugu

    1,580yen(excluding tax)

    Deep-fried with freshly fugu, fried with our secret sourse. Please come and have fun with crispy and deep taste.

Additional Menu for Fresh Tora-fugu stew(hot pot)

  • Tora-fugu under-skin

    Tora-fugu under-skin

    980yen(excluding tax)

  • Tora-fugu offal and meat

    1,980yen(excluding tax)

  • Tora-fugu meat for "Shabu-shabu"

    2,480yen(excluding tax)

  • Rice porridge

    580yen(excluding tax)

  • Assorted vegetables

    580yen(excluding tax)

  • Tofu

    380yen(excluding tax)

  • Vegetable

    280yen(excluding tax)

Additional Menu for Charcoal-broiled Tora-fugu

  • Charcoal-broiled skin

    Charcoal-broiled skin

    980yen(excluding tax)

  • Shiitake mushroom

    280yen(excluding tax)

  • Sweet green pepper

    280yen(excluding tax)

  • Japanese leek

    280yen(excluding tax)